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Children's Progress

The Lopchan Brothers

Gautam, Buddha and Maitrey all started their journey of education at Tashi Waldorf School in its early years as a kindergarten. These brothers, along with a fourth, who was unfortunately too old for TWS, had been orphaned when a landslide killed their parents. All four brothers were adopted by a wonderful lady who is dedicated to Waldorf education.

Since graduating from kindergarten they have remained in touch with the teachers here at TWS and often come back to visit in their free time. Last year the eldest brother, Siddhartha Lopchan, even joined us a kindergarten volunteer for his teaching practise. Gautam Lopchan is now at university in Kathmandu, Buddha Lopchan is in Kuersong, India at the prestigious Himali Boarding School and the youngest, Maitrey Lopchan, is at Chandbagh Boarding School in Kathmandu.

Their adoptive mother is always thankful that her children received a Waldorf beginning, her only sadness is that Siddhartha was too old when she discovered TWS. Waldorf education seems to have become a family tradition as last year the brothers brought their little niece, Upasika, to join our nursery with the intention that she will be a student here until graduation from class 4.

Suman Dahal

In 2000 little Suman joined Tashi Waldorf School for two years in the initial kindergarten.

In 2014 Suman returned as an adult to become a teaching assistant and began to learn the education he had once received, from a teacher’s perspective. He is now a class teacher and, although he still receives ongoing in house training, has completed a full circle from the student to the teacher. Suman has a natural affinity with Waldorf teaching because of his years at the kindergarten and is developing quickly in his role of Class teacher.