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School Community

The Founders

Meyrav Meyrav Mor first established a kindergarten at a children's home in Kathmandu in 1996. During this time she focused on integrating the Waldorf methodology with the cultures and traditions of Nepal to create an early childhood curriculum which is both child centered and culturally relevant. In January 2000 the orphanage contract was completed and Meyrav established Tashi Waldorf School. Meyrav developed the culturally sensitive curriculum for the nursery, kindergarten and classes 1 through 3 at Tashi Waldorf School. She continues to work on curriculum development for the school.

Tashi Dhondup began as the school's local founding partner in 1999. He provided the wonderful site for the school. His help, advice and experience were invaluable in getting the school established. Without his friendship, support, and guidance, the school would not be possible.


The Early Childhood Faculty

Durga Dahal first experienced Waldorf education at the Bal Mandir Kindergarten and has led a kindergarten at Tashi Waldorf School for the past 6 years. Durga received her certification as a Waldorf kindergarten teacher in 2001. Her son Dipu attends the TWS kindergarten.


Kripa Manandhar joined Tashi Waldorf School as a kindergarten assistant in June 2000. She has led the nursery group at the school for the past 5 years. Kripa recently completed a 3 year part time Steiner Early Childhood training program in Bangkok, Thailand. Kripa's son, Ruksong, is a graduate of TWS.


Kamala Sapkota, joined Tashi Waldorf School in 2001 as a kindergarten trainee. She has led her own kindergarten group for the past 4 years and continues to participate in in-house teacher training.



Roshni Ksanal joined Tashi Waldorf School in 2004 as an early childhood teacher trainee. She spent 6 months training in the nursery and now is training in the kindergarten. Roshni participates in in-house teacher training.

Chandra Kumari Tamang is one of the founding members, starting in the initial kindergarten in 1996. She began as a kindergarten teacher at 17 years old, learning the role as Tashi Waldorf School was being created. In 2003 she travelled to the UK for the 2 year Waldorf Teacher Training course at Emerson College, followed by 1 year teaching practise at Michael Hall School. Chandra then returned to TWS to resume her position of kindergarten teacher. Her experience is invaluable to TWS and she is now a board member, provides kindergarten training and leads the Waldorf study group. She also has 2 children at the school; Urgen in Nursery and Pema in Class 3.


The Primary School Faculty

Nima Sherpa joined the school in May 2003 as class 2 teacher from a background of private school teaching. She went on to take three groups of children through classes 1 to 4. Nima has since completed a 3 year part time course in Steiner Primary teacher training in Bangkok, Thailand and attends further training courses on behalf of the school. She is now a board member and the Class Coordinator and works tirelessly to provide training and support for all the teachers. She has been appointed as the director of the school since May 2017.

Amrit Ratna Kansakar joined Tashi Waldorf as the teacher for Class 1 in January 2009 and continues to be the teacher of Class 2. He comes from an interesting background of business enterprise. He has years of experience in running businesses that range from a fast food restaurant, to a pashmina dyeing and export company, to a thangka painting shop in Thamel, a busy tourist area in Kathmandu. He did all his schooling in Kathmandu. He first attended J P High School and then later Tri Chandra College and Shanker Dev Campus where he completed his degree in Commerce. Amrit is fluent in Nepali, English and Newari. He loves 60's music and used to play the guitar and mouthorgan.

Anup Poudel became part of Tashi Waldorf School in March 2014 as class 3 teacher and is continuing on the class teacher cycle. He came to TWS from a background of boarding school teaching and is now learning about Steiner education through in-house training. He has recently become part of an Anthroposophical group and has been thoroughly inspired by discovering Steiner philosophy.

Suman Dahal has completed a full circle with Tashi Waldorf School. He attended the first kindergarten as a student in 2000-2002 and he has now returned in 2014 to become a teacher. Suman spent his first year as a teaching assistant to Nima Sherpa and a general substitute. He is now a class teacher for class 2 and continues to be trained by Nima.

Radha Balami joined Tashi Waldorf School as an assistant to Nima Sherpa and general substitute in 2010. After her third year she became a class teacher for class 1 and is continuing on the class teacher cycle.

Bharat Nepali has worked as a part time music teacher at Tashi Waldorf School for 6 years. He also teaches music at the Japanese International Corporation and Kathmandu University, giving lessons to many foreign students. He instructs our students in singing, sarangi (Nepali violin) and madal (drum). Bharat has the ability to truly inspire the children and their sarangi/madal pieces are often performed for visitors.

The Administrative Staff

Rajendra Syangden joined Tashi Waldorf School in May 2006 as Business Administrator. Rajendra has 23 years of experience as Finance and Administrative Officer with the Netherlands Development Organization (SNV), a Dutch INGO with offices in 29 countries.

Hem Rai began as a part-time Fundraising Coordinator in May 2014. He also works as Principal for a High School and a freelance consultant for development. Hem organises the international funding programs and public relations with all our wonderfully supportive donors.



The Support Staff

Shirish Pahari came to live on the premises with his two nieces in 2012 and works as a caretaker and office assistant. He was a household worker for a previous director who encouraged him to join TWS. Shirish is the heart and soul of our community, beloved by all the children and invaluable to all the staff. He takes care of everything, from maintenance to soothing crying toddlers to the guard dog, Lika!
Goma Sunuwar is the mother of Nishan in kindergarten and Naschan in class 2. She used to work as a maid servant and joined us in 2014 as our cleaner. The job has been difficult job following the destruction and damage caused by the earthquake, but she is always helpful and smiling. She enjoys working where her children go to school.
Jamuna Tamang is the grandmother of Dipa, a graduate of TWS. She and Monita Rai have been part of TWS since the beginning, cooking nutritious morning snacks and lunches for over 135 children and adults every day. Rejina Pahari joined Jamuna and Monita in April 2015 as kitchen staff and also helps out in kindergarten when there is need. Rejina lives on the premises with Shirish, her uncle.