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School Facilities

Tashi Waldorf School is situated in an old house and grounds in Chakrapath, northern Kathmandu. The house holds class 1, class 4, nursery, two offices and a library. In the grounds are classrooms for class 2 and 3, a caretakers building, a traditional Nepali house and a kitchen. We are also fortunate enough to have five white rabbits, a cockerel and a school dog called Lika, whose main occupation is helping the children clear up spilled food!

On April 25th 2014 an earthquake, marked 7.8 on the Richter scale, devastated Nepal. Many buildings collapsed or were damaged beyond repair. Many of our students lost their homes and now live in tents in temporary camps. The foundations of the Tashi Waldorf School house were largely affected and, after an extensive survey, the building has sadly been deemed unsafe. In response, the community has worked hard to build two temporary kindergartens in the outside space and the school management have brought forward the long term plan to move the school to a tranquil and calm piece land on the greener outskirts of Kathmandu.

However, without funds to invest in a new location, the children and teachers of classes 1 to 4 have no option but to continue lessons in their condemned building. We pray that our strict earthquake drill procedures will suffice until enough support is raised.

If you would like to contribute to moving Tashi Waldorf School to a safer location we suggest a €20 donation, but any amount would be gratefully received. Please donate through http://rsfsocialfinance.org/donate-now/