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Newsletter 2014

Posted by on October 14, 2014


Dear all,

Namaste and greetings from all of us at Tashi Waldorf School!

This year the Monsoons have been late and sporadic in Nepal causing worries especially to the farmers. In many places of Nepal rice has not been planted due to lack of irrigation facility for which most of the farmers depend on rain. The Kathmandu valley also experienced unprecedented heat and high humidity this year.


As usual the TWS students, teachers and staff celebrated the festivals like Shiva Ratri, Buddha Jayanti, Losar (Tibetan & Sherpa New Year) and Holi. The students worshipped the Lord Buddha by lighting butter lamps, offering khadas (auspicious white scarves), khapsey (fried cookies) and fruit. During the Shivaratri festival the children danced and sang merrily around the bonfire lit in the school premises. What the students enjoyed the most is the celebration of Holi festival by throwing colour and water to each other.

Puppet Show:

As a term end activity of first term this year, the teachers from Kindergarten on the leadership of Kripa Manandhar demonstrated a Puppet Show called “Mushrooming in the rain” for all the students of the school. The show depicted how the living creatures can survive in harmony by having a feeling of cooperating each other. This was portrayed in a very distinct, effective and pleasant way. The students were happy to watch the show.

Nana’s Visit:

During the last six months in 2014, many productive and constructive incidents have taken place in TWS. M/s. Nana Gobel, from Freunde der Erziehungskunst Rudolf Steiner visited us at TWS and held meeting with the teachers and staff. She provided an apt suggestion about operating the school because the then Principal, Eva Bhujel quit the school. As per her suggestion the school is operated with the consensus of the internal board consisting of 5 members including a chairman.

Trainings and Workshop:

In January 2014, a weeklong training on Kindergarten Teaching was carried with the cooperation of M/s Sarita. The training was participated in by the teachers from other school and M/s Durga Dahal, a KG Teacher from TWS facilitated the training. Many components, especially Waldorf doll, 12th sense, use of circle and Rhythm of Kindergarten were dealt during the training.

Similarly, with the initiation of M/s Nana Gobel, Mrs. Michal Ben Shalom, a Waldorf Education Educator from Israel, conducted eight day training on Rudolf Steiner Education System as whole in April, 2014. As many as 40 teachers from outside school and TWS participated in the training. Mrs. Shalom dealt with all the components of Waldorf education, among them curriculum development and implementation and higher world were significant. The participants were more than happy to have gone through the training and are looking forward to receiving such training in future as well.

In order to utilize the first term break, a team of the Kindergarten teachers (M/S Chandra, Durga and Kripa) from TWS conducted training on Early Childhood Education for the teachers from outside school.   Skills required for imparting education in kindergarten and activities to be carried out for the same were covered in an efficient manner during the training. Child development and its essential elements were dealt in detail. The participants were made aware of the significance of the activities and able to carry out activities like circle (time), storytelling, puppet showing, craft and change of nature table as per seasons.  All the participants of one week training were content with the quality of the training and all felt to have gained knowledge.

A Workshop on Basic Communication Skill for all the teachers and non-teaching staff was conducted. The workshop was facilitated in by Hem Rai and Rajen Syangden. The participants found the workshop very interesting and useful not only in their working environment but in their life as well. They have gained the skills to avoid miscommunication that leads to conflict. However, using the same in their real life will require time and intensive practice. We have in our plan to organize other workshops such as Feedback, Positive Attitudes, Accountability, Team Building etc. which are very much required.

Parents Meeting:

At the end of first term year, a Parents Meeting was held at the school premises with an objective to make the guardians aware and acquainted with the Waldorf Education System. More than 60% of the guardians attended the meeting which was divided into two sessions. M/s Chandra K. Tamang and Hem Rai, the fundraiser led the first session when Waldorf pedagogy and its visionary founder Rudolf Steiner were discussed. The parents were persuaded to opt for Waldorf education for their wards by making distinction in between the traditional and Waldorf methods of imparting education to the children. In the second session of the meeting, the teachers displayed the works done by their respective wards to the guardians. The guardians were also informed of the progress made so far by the students. All the parents looked very content when they left the school.

Success Story:

A group of students from Humla, one of the remotest hilly and backward districts in western Nepal joined Tashi Waldorf School in the year 2005 AD in grade one. As they had never been to school, they were aggressive and quarrelsome in nature but in no time with the system and love and care of the teachers including M/s Nima Leky (Class teacher) here in the school they changed to diligent and friendly students. As they were a little older than the rest of the students they were quick to learn. They graduated class 3 from Tashi Waldorf School. Among them was Hari Rawat who has graduated School Leaving Certificate (national level government) Examination, 2070 (2012-2013) in the first division from British Gurkha High School located in Kathmandu, where his group mates Himal, Dipendra Shahi, Kalbahadur Shahi, Diwas Bohora are studying.  He was very laborious and obedient. He was upgraded from Class 6 to 8. We are proud of having him as one our students. He is planning to pursue his study in health sector. It gives a real sense of satisfaction that we also have a small part of benevolent task of supporting the needy and deserving children through Waldorf education system.

Class Four Graduates:

In the history of Tashi Waldorf School, Nepal, we upgraded to class four this year. The experience was enriching and the teacher had no problem whatsoever to operate class four for the first time. Towards the end of the year transitional classes were also arranged for the six students who were studying in class four. The class four graduates from Tashi Waldorf School had no difficulty in passing the entrance examination and getting admission in other schools. Out of six, five of them are at the moment studying in English Medium School whereas one attends government school. According to the feedback received from them, they have been performing outstandingly in their respective schools. They are more confident and efficient than the other students from general schools. We, the Tashi Waldorf School Family wish them success and bright future.

Thanks and appreciation:

We would like to extend our sincere thanks to our child and land sponsor community. We all at Tashi Waldorf School, Kathmandu, Nepal appreciate and are very grateful for your continued support without which the school would not have reached the present stage. We also thank many generous donors and volunteers and all the visitors for their kind and useful cooperation.

You Can Help

Sponsor a Class

Being a "class godparent" means you stay in regular contact with an entire class of students and can accompany them in their development. Moreover, you may gain interesting and diverse insights about the children’s lives or the peculiarities of education in Nepal. But, most importantly, you may plant an important seed of friendship into the hearts of students and teachers who are living and working under difficult circumstances. Through the Class Sponsorship program, the journey of education for underprivileged children has become a reality.

The Sponsorship program functions as an integral part of an educational voucher system. Your donation benefits all the children in need whose parents cannot afford the full fees, fostering a sense of wholeness and inclusion. Your generous gift will go towards the costs of food, health services, clothing, materials, books and school buses for the children. We encourage you to donate any amount you choose in a way most suitable for you, either one-off or more regularly. To demonstrate our gratitude we send our sponsors an introductory package with children’s stories and artwork.

If you would like to learn more, some of the profiles the children attending TWS can be found on the Stories page.

Please contact either of the below charities to set up your chosen sponsorship program.

Freunde der Erziehungskunst Rudolf Steiner e.V.
Weinmeisterstrasse 16
Berlin, D-10178, Germany
Tel: 030 61 70 26 30
Email: berlin[at]freunde-waldorf.de / f.michel[at]freunde-waldorf.de
Website: www.freunde-waldorf.de/en/donate-help/help-a-child-go-to-school.html
For German Sponsors only: PDF

Patenschaftsverwaltung/Sponsorship Program
Christstrasse 9
Bochum, D-44789, Germany
Tel: 0234-5797-5257
Email: astrid.blei[at]gls-treuhand.de
Website: www.entwicklungshilfe3.de

Sponsor the purchase of New School Land

On April 25th 2014 an earthquake, marked 7.2 on the Richter scale, devastated Nepal. Many buildings collapsed or were damaged beyond repair. Many of the our students lost their homes and now live in tents at temporary camps. The foundations of Tashi Waldorf School were largely affected and the building has been deemed unsafe. In response, the school management have brought forward their long term plan to move the school to a tranquil and calm piece land on the greener outskirts of Kathmandu. However, without enough funds to invest in a new location, the children and teachers have no option but to continue lessons in their condemned building until the funds are raised.

If you would like to contribute to a fresh start in a safer location for Tashi Waldorf School we suggest a €20 donation, but any amount will be gratefully received. Also, referrals to foundations who would be interested in helping would be greatly appreciated. Please donate by selecting the 'Children of Nepal' option at http://rsfsocialfinance.org/donate-now/

Sponsor the supply of Waldorf Educational Materials

The quality and substance of Waldorf educational materials is key to developing the child’s visual creativity and touch perception. However, these materials are not available in Nepal and the school does not have the financial resources to order them from abroad. We need support funding the following materials:

  • Waldorf Art Supplies, such as water colour paints, coloured chalk for blackboard drawings, wooden coloured pencils, Beeswax crayons and modelling wax
  • Waldorf Educational Resources, such as children's stories, verse and poem books and resources on early childhood and primary education

Please donate by selecting the 'Children of Nepal' option at http://rsfsocialfinance.org/donate-now/

Support the School by volunteering to sell Nepali Handicrafts

As a means to provide self-sustaining funding for the school, a business has been started selling bulk orders of Nepali handicrafts. If you are interested in volunteering your time to sell these products in your neighbourhood or to businesses in your country we can provide you with samples, a colour chart and a price list. Please email tashiwaldorf[at]gmail.com for details.

Support the School by Holding a Fundraising Event

If your community or school is able to hold a fundraising event in support of the school, we would be very grateful. Please contact us so that we can provide you with more information and photos. Previous fundraising events include: a band festival; a mountain hike; a raffle; a concert.

Getting the Word out about us

You can help by publishing our newsletter or an article in your school, organization or community newsletters. If you would like to publish an article about the school please forward it to us for review before publishing so we can verify the accuracy of the facts and send you photos. We are also in need of someone who could volunteer to work on a short documentary of the school. Sign up to our mailing list to receive our newsletter or ‘like’ and ‘share’ our facebook page https://www.facebook.com/waldorftashischool

Please let us know if you send us a donation so we can confirm that it was received and send you a letter of gratitude. You can send any general donations to one of the associations listed below:

RSF Social Finance
1002A O'Reilly Avenue
San Francisco,
CA 94129-1101 USA
Tel: 415.561.3900, 1.888.RSF.3737
Email: mail[at]rsfsocialfinance.org
Please write in the memo portion of the cheque: "Children of Nepal" or donate online via www.rsfsocialfinance.org/donate-now/

Freunde der Erziehungskunst Rudolf Steiner e.V.
Weinmeisterstrasse 16
Berlin, D-10178, Germany
Tel: 030 61 70 26 30
Email: berlin[at]freunde-waldorf.de
Please write in the memo portion of the cheque: "Children of Nepal – Project # 4405"

Internationaal Hulpfonds
Herengracht 276
1016BX, Amsterdam, THE NETHERLANDS
Tel: 020- 6274856
Email: info[at]internationaalhulpfonds.nl
Please write in the memo portion of the cheque: "Children of Nepal"

Patenschaftsverwaltung/Sponsorship Program
Christstrasse 9
Bochum, D-44789, Germany
Tel: 0234-5797-5257
Email: astrid.blei[at]gls-treuhand.de
Website: www.entwicklungshilfe3.de
Please email for donation details

Prometheus Ethical Finance
P.O. Box 969
Telephone 06.835.7138
Fax 06-8351628
Email: ethical[at]prometheus.co.nz
Please write "Children of Nepal - Account#4144" in the memo. Contributors must attach a note to their donation indicating that it is for Children of Nepal.