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Summer Newsletter – 2004

Posted by on September 26, 2012

Dear Friends,

On April 19, 2004 Tashi Waldorf School began its 5th school year serving 80 children in 3 kindergartens, a class one, two and three. As the school begin’s it’s second term the classrooms are full of very happy children and decorated with beautiful paintings and handwork. The teaching group has grown to 7 teachers and one kindergarten assistant, all of whom are Nepalese and Tibetan women. Please see some photos on the last page of the newsletter.

In April, we said farewell to Marjorie Theyer and Kate Bryant. Kate finished her year with the school as teacher trainer and Marjorie, as visiting mentor over the past 4 years. It was very sad to say goodbye and difficult to convey the extent of our thanks for their help to everyone at the school. We hope that one day they will be with us again in Nepal.

Laura Wilson arrived from New Zealand in April to spend a term at the school training the teachers. Laura has written of her experience at Tashi Waldorf School as follows.

“Having just completed 5 months as a teacher-trainer at Tashi Waldorf School, I would like to share some of what I have seen. It is a lot to expect of the teachers here, that they teach out of Waldorf concepts, when these concepts are not mirrored in their society at large. Teachers in Nepal are not expected to be highly creative, to ‘own’ what they teach. At first I found the teachers at Tashi somewhat reluctant to expose what they considered to be their lack of artistic talent, on the blackboard and elsewhere. So we worked at undoing a myth that they had been taught; that some people are good at art, and others are not.

I have found the teachers extremely willing to learn. Being observed, assessed and advised is not always easy to take! Yet here the openness and keenness of the staff is a joy to work with. In many areas, all that was needed was a boost of confidence, for these teachers to see they are as good as good Waldorf teachers anywhere.

A walk into any of their classes will prove this. Their children are happier to be at school than any I have seen. Their attention is caught by the marvelous stories that unfold each day, accompanied by wonderful blackboard art, form-drawing, music and movement. The children’s creative responses are varied, sometimes wax models are made, or pop-up castles glued into workbooks, or large chalk drawings made on outdoor paving.

I no longer have to worry about the teachers being creative, as they come to realize that this education is about their freedom as well, not just the children’s. That each of them has something unique to offer, and it is their job to explore this uniqueness.

What I have found most remarkable in my 5 months here, is the harmony. Every school has its problems, maybe some teachers who don’t quite gel, or some student-teacher relationships that are a struggle. Not here! The entire staff, including the brilliant cooks and administrators, is like a family and all teachers are simply adored by their students. This is because school for them is a place of fun, of love, of challenges and of security. No child gets a chance to feel they do not fit in.

This harmony is due in a large part to the school’s strong kindergarten base. The four kindergarteners (3 teachers and 1 assistant) do a superb job of guiding the new entrants into a world of beautiful rhythms, of goodness, thoughtfulness and patience, so that by the time children reach Class One they are in such a harmonious group that classroom management is not an issue for the teachers. This school has managed to achieve what Rudolf Steiner wanted; for school to be a seamless, healthy extension of home and family life.” By Laura Wilson, August 25, 2004.

All of us at CON and TWS deeply thank Laura for her wonderful gifts of openness, support and creativity. She has helped the teachers reach a new level of confidence and awareness. We wish Laura much love and happiness for her future.

We would like to warmly welcome our new sponsors to Tashi Waldorf School and thank you for helping the children to receive this wonderful education. To our existing sponsors, as always we thank you for your tremendous support, and you should have received your annual child sponsor reports in May. 18 children are still without sponsors at the school. We deeply appreciate everyone’s help in finding sponsors for them.

We would like to thank everyone who has sent donations of clothes, vitamins, supplies and toys over the past 7 months. Everything sent is so needed and appreciated!

To our friends in New Zealand, Children of Nepal now has an account at Prometheus Finance Limited. When sending donations to Prometheus please include a letter explaining that it is for Children of Nepal. Please see below for contact details.

Many friends have been writing us with concern about the political situation in Nepal. While it is challenging at times we are all fine and so very grateful for each peaceful day in which the children can come to school. We thank each of you for your love and concern for us and your prayers for peace all around the world.

With sincere thanks and best wishes,
From everyone at Children of Nepal & Tashi Waldorf School

You can help:

  1. Please send a donation to the associations as listed below
  2. Sponsor a child for $25 a month
  3. Tell your friends and encourage them to make a contribution
  4. Publish this newsletter in your school, organization, or community newsletter
  5. Please see our website at www.childrenofnepal.org
  6. If you are traveling to Nepal let us know and we would be delighted to have you visit

RSF Social Finance
Please write in the memo portion of the cheque: "Children of Nepal"
1002A O'Reilly Ave.
San Francisco,
CA 94129-1101 USA
Tel: 415.561.3900, 1.888.RSF.3737
Email: mail@rsfsocialfinance.org
RSF Social Finance also accepts donations made via other means, including credit cards. For more information, please visit their website:

Freunde der Erziehungskunst Rudolf Steiner e.V.
Please write in the memo portion of the cheque: “Children of Nepal – Project # 4405”
Weinmeisterstr. 16
Berlin, D-10178, Germany
Tel: 030 61 70 26 30,
Email: berlin@freunde-waldorf.de

Internationaal Hulpfonds
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Herengracht 276,
1016BX, Amsterdam, THE NETHERLANDS
Tel: 020- 6274856
Email: info@internationaalhulpfonds.nl

King’s School Worcester Nepal Trust
Please write in the memo portion of the cheque: "Children of Nepal"
c/o John Walton
King’s School, Worcester
England, WR1 2LL, U.K
Tel: 01905 350065
Email: j_walton2@hotmail.com

Waldorf School Association of Ontario
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9100 Bathurst Street, No. 2
Thornhill, Ontario, L4J 8C7, Canada
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Prometheus Ethical Finance
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P.O. Box 969
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