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Summer Newsletter – 2009

Posted by on October 06, 2012

Dear Friends, Namaste!!!!!

The Monsoons came very late this year causing drought and food shortage in many parts of western Nepal. We apologise that our Newsletter is late but we have lots of news of events and changes at Tashi Waldorf School.

In December’08, a one day Eye Camp was organized at Tashi Waldorf School by SEVA Foundation. Three eye technicians with clinical equipment checked all the pupils of TWS. Fortunately, none of the TWS students were found to have any serious eye problems. A Canadian organization donated many dark glasses with UV filters which were distributed amongst the TWS children. We then re-donated many leftover adult size UV dark glasses to the eye camp technicians to distribute in the villages of rural Nepal.

On 23 February was Shiva Ratri, the Hindu festival celebrating Lord Shiva’s annual rewakening and the thawing of the rivers at winter’s end. The children danced, sang and baked potatoes around a bonfire in the playground.

On February 25th 2009 was Losar, the Tibetan New Year of the Earth Rat was celebrated at Tashi Waldorf School. The cooks, Monita, Seema and Jamuna made huge batches of Losar Khapseys, a sweet and crunchy, twisted cookie. All the pupils tried their hand at shaping the cookies during their handwork class.

The 9th school year concluded on March 27, 2009 with musical and dramatic performances from every class. The kindergarten teachers put on a puppet show, enacting the story from the Terai written by Meyrav Mor called “Grandpa’s Ox Cart”. Durga’s Kindergarten and Kripa’s Nursery performed circle songs and dances.

Class 1: Performed the play: 7 Black Ravens.
Class 2: Performed a play and played the recorder.
Class 3: Performed a play called “the Faithful and the Unfaithful” and sang “Let the Light in my Heart”.

Teacher Training:

During the April holidays, the teachers of Tashi Waldorf School joined other Waldorf teachers from Shanti Sewa (SSG) and Bal Mandir in a most interesting one week training session of “Bio-Dynamic Farming” conducted by well known Anthroposophists Hans and Eneke Mulder at SSG, Budhanilkantha.

The first day of School April 27, 2009 was very exciting. Students, their parents and teachers gathered at the new school opening function.


Class visit to Budhanilkantha: In May, Nyima took Class 3 students on a field trip to Budhnilkantha. The children were very excited to travel by public bus. The students circumambulated the Sleeping Vishnu three times before entering the shrine to offer flowers and coins at the feet of Lord Vishnu. The class then took out their colored crayons and paper and sketched the lovely experience. The famished group then ate their school pack lunch of eggs, bread, cheese and fruit in the open, shaded by a Bodhi tree.

In June, Amrit took Class 2 students on a field trip to Mahaboudha, an ancient Buddhist carved-stone stupa that actually has 1000 Buddhas. This stupa was rebuilt by the Newari community in Ikabahal, Patan, after being destroyed by an earthquake in 1938.

Music Class: Mr Bharat Nepali from the Music Department of Kathmandu University teaching Class 3 students to play the “Sarangi”, a Nepali four string violin and “Madal”, a Nepali drum.

House Building Project: Class 3 mended the fence of the TWS rabbit pen.

Staff Changes: Ms Meyrav Mor has retired from the Directorship of CON this year. We all at Tashi Waldorf School thank Meyrav for her dedication, perseverance and vision in founding Tashi Waldorf School which is already in the 10th year of operation and for all the years of support and hard work that Meyrav has given via Children of Nepal.

Ms Eva Bhujel who is the Principal and who has been with Tashi Waldorf School from the beginning, has taken over as the new Director of CON.

Mr Amrit Ratna Kansakar began teaching Class 1 at Tashi Waldorf School in January’09. Amrit is now the teacher for Class 2.

We sadly bid Rachel Amtzis goodbye at the end of May 2009 when she left Children of Nepal and Tashi Waldorf School. Rachel would like to convey her deep thanks to all. Rachel has moved to Singapore this summer to pursue graduate studies and can be reached at raamtzis@gmail.com.

A new fundraiser Doma Chudon has taken over Rachel’s position with Children of Nepal and Tashi Waldorf School.

Our special thanks to visitors and child sponsors Claudia and daughter, Ashley from Austria who brought many gifts for the children of Tashi Waldorf School.
Many thanks to Julie Fellows who visited Tashi Waldorf School on June 24th, 2009. We still sing each day the beautiful songs that Julie taught us. The childrens also enjoyed all the gifts that Julie brought them.

Julie’s Song:

Learning is Better......
We are all going to our classes
With clean hands and faces
We pay great attention
Do what we are told
Or else we shall never
Be happy and clever
For learning is better
Than silver and gold
For learning is better
For learning is better
For learning is better
Than silver and gold
We are all going to our classes
With clean hands and faces
We pay great attention
Do what we are told

We send our gratitude to all our very generous friends who have given us their time, money and expertise. The TWS faculty and staff would like to thank the many kind visitors who have donated to TWS much Steiner educational materials, such as colored felt, beeswax, and block crayons, which are not available in Nepal. We also thank our hardworking volunteer pashmina sellers, Brenda & Arlene, Jayne, Heather, Jo & Sahara, and Alison. Big congratulations to Brenda and Arlene for raising over CA $10,000 last year.

Many thanks also go to our kind visiting volunteers. We hope to get more help to have a part of the our website in German.

Special thanks to Joel Hladecek of iRingPro, for pledging a portion of every iPhone’s ringtone sale to benefit Children of Nepal. “When I discovered what overwhelming challenges these innocent kids face everyday,” said iRingPro founder Joel Hladecek, “horrific conditions that many of us here can’t imagine, and what little it takes to help, I realized that we could make a meaningful difference.” Many thanks to Kristen Hladecek for all her fundraising efforts.

With sincere thanks and warm wishes for a happy summer end.

Doma Chudon,

Tashi Waldorf School Thanks You for All Your Kind Support