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We invite you to go on an exceptional journey by joining us in Nepal for a few months of Nepalese life with the Tashi Waldorf School community. We enjoy welcoming volunteers from all different background into our school and we highly value the sharing of knowledge and ideas that it stimulates. The details are as follows or you can download the PDF here.

Job Description: Classroom and Public Relations Volunteer

Volunteer Requirements:

  • Steiner educated and/or Steiner teacher trained and/or extensive knowledge of Steiner education
  • 21 years of age or above
  • Fluent in English or Nepali
  • Ability to work from own initiative, produce creative new ideas and solve problems
  • Affinity with young children and toddlers
  • Able to commit for at least 2 months
  • Able to overcome the language barrier and communicate creatively
  • Generally enthusiastic and happy!!

Suggested Job Roles in the Classroom:

  • Provide and teach new resources (ie songs, verses, clapping rhymes, games)
  • Mentor the class teachers, giving them useful feedback and advice from your own experience with Waldorf education
  • Assist the teachers in lesson time by helping less able children with drawing and writing
  • Teach English lessons
  • Introduce new craft projects (bring materials with you, if possible)
  • Teach reading music for the recorder to the teachers
  • Introduce and teach new skills of own speciality/interest
  • Serve food and help keep the classroom clean
  • Also, if you are interested in manual work, painting the school and maintaining the buildings would be greatly valued

Suggested Job Roles in Public Relations:

  • Take photos of all events and occasions and upload to facebook
  • Post about a story or event twice a week on the facebook page
  • Set up connections and friendships with other Waldorf schools around the world
  • Find funding from foundations or other Waldorf schools
  • Update the website with new photo albums
  • Send short monthly e-newsletters or stories of interest out to the mailing list and assist in writing the long biannual e-newsletter
  • Make an explanatory video about the School that can be used on the website

Volunteering Information:

  • Please note the school can only host up to two volunteers at any given time, but we will do our best to arrange your visit.
  • Unfortunately, we cannot offer accommodation to our volunteers, but we can advise you on apartments for rent in neighbouring areas. Apartments in Boudha can be as cheap as $150 a month.
  • On working days, the school bus can pick you up and drop you off, or public transport is cheap and easy.
  • Vegetarian snack and lunch is provided at school.
  • School times are 09:00 - 15.30 from Monday to Friday, but you are free to commit your time as you please so long as we are informed.

If you are interested we would be delighted to hear from you. Please send your CV and a statement explaining your previous involvement with Steiner education and why you want to be part of Tashi Waldorf School. Also feel free to ask any questions.

Our email is: tashiwaldorf[at]gmail.com

OR, if you would like to talk to a previous volunteer, please email: jazzward[at]googlemail.com